Products with a unique comprehensive formula to support fertility, improve sperm quality and increase their numbers. Supports Spermatogenesis process, improve spermatozoal count motility and morphology.

One Sachet
1 L-Carnitine 1724mg
2 Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL 500mg
3 L-Arginine 1000mg
4 Glutathione 80mg
5 Conezyme Q10 100mg
6 Cirtic Acid 50mg
7 Zinc 40mg
8 Selenium 80μg
9 Copper 1mg
10 Lycopene 2mg
11 Natural Vitamin E 120mg
12 Natural Vitamin D 15μg
13 Vitamin C 250mg
14 Vitamin B1 1.1mg
15 Vitamin B2 1.4mg
16 Vitamin B3 16mg
17 Vitamin B6 3.5mg
18 Vitamin B12 9μg
19 Folic acid 800μg
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